Requirment For Franchisee

Redound IT Industry Private Limited brings a low cost franchise model in education sector!


Redound IT Industry Private Limited - To start a business that offers great profit, it is necessary to have good clientele. We serve mostly students of 10th standard and above. We spend over thousands for our brand marketing.


From past 10 years we are concentrating on getting admissions to our centres, which is a part of our sales strategy for assured profits.


Due to competition in this sector we are now spending 1 Lakh INR to get 100 admissions. Keeping the thing in mind that everyone cannot spend this much amount, Redound centre spends 56000 INR and rest 44000 INR are to be spent by Franchisee.

The company has been created to provide Software Training & Solutions, Hardware Training & Solutions, Networking Training & Solutions, Website Solutions and Advertisement Solutions.


Franchisee Profile:

Leadership experience in related field

A track record of success in providing the highest level of customer service & satisfaction in business

Entrepreneurial excellence with zeal to become successful


Support & Benefits:

Field assistance

Advertising assistance

Advantage of a brand name already established

Proven business format to follow

This is a franchise model that will help you grow as a business owner with low investment, contact now to know more!


Redound IT Industry Private Limited Team


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If you are interested to work with us, please mail us on . We will contact you as soon as possible.